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Help and Support

How can we help?

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How do I delete my account?

If you wish to delete your account, please contact us. Please note if you have an account balance, this will be removed, and any remaining funds or order details will no longer be accessible.

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How do I update my details on my account?

How do I update my details on my account?

To update personal details on your account, click on 'Your Account' and then 'Edit your Details' from the drop-down menu. If you have other details you require to be updated please contact us.

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How do I delete my account?

Where can I find my order details?

Your orders can be found by going to "My Account" > "View My Orders"

Once you are there you can open each order and view the order status of the products that you have ordered.


Can I cancel my order?

Most orders can't be cancelled. If you no longer want your order and it has not been dispatched, you can request a cancellation by visiting your order page and clicking 'Request Cancellation'. This does not guarantee that your order will be cancelled, but we will do our best.

Some items have restrictions:

  • Online courses - Please first check the product page in case there are any specific instructions.
  • eBooks - These are non-refundable as these are loaded and available to you immediately.
  • eVouchers - These are non-refundable as these are loaded and emailed to you immediately.

Can I change my delivery address?

A delivery address change is not usually possible once an order has been placed. We recommend that you double-check the delivery address before you place your order.

If you do need to change the delivery address, please contact us from your account email address with your order reference number and we will do our best to get that updated for you.

Can I change my order?

We are unable to amend your order once it's been placed.

Can I get a refund for my Kortext eBook(s)?

We may be able to cancel and refund your order IF the content has not been accessed and you have contacted us within 14 days of the order.

If you have not accessed your Kortext eBook and want to cancel, please request cancellation through your order details.

Can I order a product that's not on the Aspire Demo Portal?

Aspire Demo online shop has millions of products available to order and our product ranges are regularly reviewed and updated. If the product you are interested in is not currently available we hope you can find a suitable alternative to support you with your course.

Apple Products: We do try our best to get in new releases from Apple as they are very popular. The stock availability for these items can be delayed, so we are unlikely to stock these directly after release dates.

Please continue to regularly check your Aspire Demo portal for new products.

We always welcome suggestions for products that will support your studies. To submit your suggestion, contact us here.

Can I print off a paper copy of my eBook(s)?

eBooks are designed to be read on electronics only.

You may be able to print a section of the eBook that you have purchased, but you cannot print a full paper copy of the book due copyright. Each eBook has its own quantity of pages that can be printed set by the publisher.

Can you notify me when a product comes back into stock?

The shop on the Aspire Demo online shop is not currently set-up for stock notifications, but this is something that we are looking to develop.

Please note: Stock availability for Apple products is regularly restricted by Apple during the popular Christmas period (November to mid-January). During this time, we do not get estimated times when stock will be arriving with us.

Do I need internet access to read my Kortext eBook(s)?

You will need internet access when you first receive the eBooks as they will need to be downloaded/added to your Kortext account/app, However, once the eBook is downloaded to your app you will be able to read it offline.

More information can be here.

Do I need to top-up my account before placing an order?

No, if you have been awarded funds provided by your institution and they do not cover the full cost of your order you can add a payment method at checkout to pay the difference.

Do you offer discount codes?

At various points throughout the year we may have special offers or discounts!

If we have any valid discount codes available, they may be shown on your Aspire Demo Portal, or if you are opted into marketing emails or text messages, these will be sent to you directly.

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How do voucher codes work?

Do you price match products?

Our aim is to offer students the best value and the widest choice of products to support your student journey. As we do not buy products in bulk (like Amazon & Curry's do) we are unable to price match.

How can I track my order?

Once your order has been has been shipped, an email or text is usually sent from the courier to advise that your order is on its way.

We're excited to advise that we are working on automatically including the tracking information on your order details, so tracking is more accessible.

How do I access the Kortext eBook(s) that I ordered?

Once your order has been processed, a Kortext account will be automatically set up for you and you will be sent an email with your account login details, a temporary password and a link to Kortext site so you can log in and access your book.

Please note: The Kortext account will be set-up under the email address you use to place the order.

If you already have a Kortext account set-up under your Aspire Demo account email address, then an email will be sent to you once your new eBook has been added to your Kortext Library.

If you already have a personal Kortext account under a different email address and you have placed an order through your Aspire Demo account email address, please contact Kortext and they will be able to merge the accounts.

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Where can I find my order details?

How do I place an order?

  • Login with your account details* (We do not currently offer guest checkout).
  • Add the products you wish to order to your basket
  • Once you've added all the products you wish to order, click on the basket icon in the top right-hand corner of the website and follow the instructions to place your order. 

SHIPPING/DELIVERY ADDRESS: Please ensure that you have entered a complete shipping/delivery address. If you are in university accommodation, you will need to include your room/flat number, not just the building name. 

* For more information on whether you need to create an account, please look under the Help & Support section 'My Account' > 'Do I need to register for an account?'

Please see our eBook policy here.

How do I return a product?

How do Kortext eBooks work?

Please visit the below links for further information about Kortext:

How do voucher codes work?

Voucher codes that are still valid can be applied to your basket during the checkout process. 

How long do I have access to my Kortext eBook(s)?

You will have access to your eBook indefinitely as long as you have access to your Kortext account.

How many devices can I access my Kortext eBook(s) on?

You can log in to the Kortext app on up to 5 devices.

For more information please visit Kortext's Help Centre.

How much is postage?

Please visit our Postage Policy page. 

Size Guides

Click here to find all the information about size guides.

The product I was trying to order is no longer on the Aspire Demo Portal?

If the product you were trying to buy is no longer on the Aspire Demo shop it is likely that it is currently out of stock and we won't know when it will be available again. In some cases, it may have been replaced by a newer version.

The range of products on the Aspire Demo online shop are updated daily so please do keep checking to see if we've been able to make the product available again.

There is an issue with my Kortext eBook(s), what do I do?

If you can see your eBook on your Kortext account but are having trouble accessing it, or if there is an issue with the quality please check Kortext's Help Centre.

What does my order status mean?

Once an order is placed, each item within the order will have an individual status. The status will continue to update until the item has been shipped. It will also update if a product has been returned or lost in transit. 

Order Status Codes:

Your order has been received and is currently being processed. It should be shipped soon. Most orders are shipped within 24 hours.

Your order has been received and the product is on order with the supplier. It will be shipped as soon as stock arrives with us. We would expect stock to arrive with us about a week after the order has been placed but if your item has not arrived within 2 weeks you will be sent a further update.

Your item has been dispatched and your parcel should arrive with you soon. If you haven't already, we'd recommend that you take a quick look at our Postage Policy to see how long it should take and when to get in contact with us if it hasn't arrived.

This order line has been cancelled as per your request and a refund for the product and any related postage has been issued.

This order line has been cancelled by the supplier and a full refund for the product and any related postage has been issued. This is normally due to the supplier no longer being able to supply the product to fulfil your order.

Your parcel has been returned as undelivered and a refund for the product has been issued. Failed delivery can happen if:

  • there was an issue with the delivery address.
  • the delivery was refused.
  • delivery was attempted but no one was in to accept the parcel.
  • the delivery was not called for at the depot after delivery failed.
  • the parcel was not collected from a chosen collection point.

You have contacted us to request a return - your return has now been processed and a refund has been issued. 

Your parcel had been shipped but unfortunately it was lost in transit. A full refund for the product and any related postage will have been issued so please place a new order if you still require the item.


Your product is temporarily out of stock, but we are expecting stock to arrive soon. 

Your product is currently out of stock and we do not currently have an estimated time for stock to arrive. 


This product is not yet available - this refers to books that are not yet published for sale, or products that available for pre-order. 


Print on demand - These will normally take longer to arrive as the publishers will often wait for a certain number of orders to come through before they will print copies. This update is also used for books that come over from other countries eg. India and the US as they will naturally take a little longer for stock to arrive. 

Your order is currently paused. If you haven't requested a cancellation or address change, and you can't see the reason on your order, please check your emails (& junk folder) to see if we have tried to get in contact with you. There may be an issue with the address on your order. 


Your electronic download is now available (normally eBooks). You should receive an email(s) with further instructions (please check your junk folder). If you haven't received one within 24 hours of this update and there is no specific information on your order, then please contact us here


Online Access Available - Online access to your product is now available.

This normally relates to:

  • Mobile Top-ups: please check your order for the code and expiry date, top-up instructions may be included but if not, please contact your network provider for instructions.
  • ASOS Gift card codes (if available to order): for orders of quantities under 5, the codes should be on your order confirmation; for and order of over 6 please check your email (& junk folder) for an email containing the codes.
  • Online courses: please check your emails (& junk folder) for the course information.

What happens to my Kortext account if I no longer have access to my Aspire Demo email address?

If you will be losing access to your Aspire Demo account email address please contact Kortext who will be able to advise you further.

It may be that you will need to create a second account with a personal email address and then Kortext will merge the two accounts. However, we would recommend contacting them first to confirm if this is required.

What is difference between PDF and an ePub eBook?

PDF eBooks: These are standard, non-interactive electronic copies of the book.

ePub eBooks: These are more flexible and have an interactive functionality. There is greater ability to adjust how the book displays to suit your needs.

Where can I find a proof of purchase/VAT receipt?

Your order confirmation email and dispatch emails are your proof of purchase. If you specifically need a VAT receipt or a manufacturer requires this as a proof of purchase, please contact us and we will provide you with a PDF proof of purchase once your product(s) have been shipped.

We are working on with our IT team to make a downloadable version available in the future.

Where can I find my order details?

Your orders can be found by going to "My Account" > "View My Orders"

Once you are there you can open each order and view the order status of the products that you have ordered.

Which software/devices can I use to read my Kortext eBooks?

These can be accessed via the Kortext platform, either online or via the app. The Kortext app is currently available on Mac, iOS, Android and Windows.

For further information on this click here.

Kortext eBooks cannot be used on Kindle or other Amazon owned eReaders.

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